Admiin Bright carries out a variety of conversion processes as part of our business process outsourcing repertoire. The process involves changing a particular format of data which is usually unstructured to a format that is structured, digital and of course to the client’s specifications. Admiin Bright provides top Data Conversion Services with high quality PDF to Excel Data Conversion in low price.

Our data conversion menu consists of the following:

Data Conversion Services – Is it necessary?

Data in this present time has become more complex; due to the increased density of information stored which is made possible by software advancements. Raw digital data requires a large amount of digital storage memory space, therefore specific programs and digital formats are used to effectively store the same quantity of data in a smaller given memory. This poses a problem for businesses, as software formats constantly evolve to become more efficient, data in older formats have to upgrade as well. But in the process of normal digital conversion, some portions of this data is lost as key knowledge between formats of the source and target is not understood.

Therefore having a key partner to carry out such vital tasks such as Admiin Bright allows you to have the peace of mind that the data we convert is done accurately and with no loss of data.

Success Partner

We have a dedicated team of experts in the field of data conversion in Admiin Bright. They are able to easily grasp the precise information of the source format clients provide us and more importantly the target format the data is to be converted. With the aid of our technical engineers, and applied technology they are able to ensure that the conversion is successful, on time and of a high quality.

What we offer at Admiin Bright

Versatility: As the number of software programs increase and data formats improve and evolve, we have the system knowledge, development capabilities and constant system improvement to keep up with the current changes.

Accuracy: Data loss is a likely occurrence in data conversion processes, we guarantee an accuracy level of 99.9% rate for all data tasked; we make this guarantee upon having multiple steps of checks done every step of the process this ensures our quality and accuracy.

Cost Efficiency: Outsourcing conversion tasks to Admiin Bright saves cost for investing in new proprietary technology, which requires training investment and even at times additional specialist staff. On top of this, the same investment allows you access to a team of trained experts to overlook and ensure the targets are met well.

We serve an international clientele, therefore we ensure we remain open at all times; throughout the day every day of the year. Contact us or drop us an e-mail at

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