Image format in the digital realm has evolved and currently the offerings for each type can comprise of a large range. Admiin Bright understands the history and future of digital image formats, and we easily cope and assist our clients in advising and managing the conversions for each project tasked. Admiin Bright is one of the top Image Conversion Services provider from Bangladesh

As a picture is able to portray meaning, understanding and even affect an individual’s feeling. And with technology enabling production of high definition images, the consumers have become more critical about the images are seen and used in a range of products, such as advertisements, banners, billboards, and magazines.

The expectations for images presently demand high definition, but this causes intrinsic issues such as with a larger image size the larger the requirement of storage, a larger the size of the memory used higher rate of transmission of data-

Image Conversion Services
required and with a larger image the processing speed of the equipment used has to be able to cope with it. The easy solution to this is to use an alternative image format, which essentially uses a mathematical model to compress the image data into an overall smaller package; but this is disadvantaged as loss of data is expected which in turn reduces the quality of the processed image.

At Admiin Bright we start off each project by establishing an understanding of the intended use of the end product and give the proper advice that meets the demands of the project. We then adopt our in-house systems and procedures and make the proper modifications to meet the project requirements before embarking on the project itself.

Our systems and procedures have been continuously developed through our years of experience in this service field. Bringing it to a point where each and every project achieves a standard that is demanded by Admiin Bright. With the trained specialist at the leading edge of technology and systems, we are able to ensure the Admiin Bright promise is kept.

Here are some of the formats we handle:

Raster Formats

  • JPEG
  • TIFF
  • PNG
  • GIF
  • RAW
  • PAM

HDR Raster Formats

  • RGBE

Vector Formats

  • SVG
  • CGM

Stereo Formats

  • PNS
  • JPS

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