Admiin Bright is a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) service organization; we have experience in handling and supporting address validation activities. Validation comprises of capturing the address, validating them and modifying them in accordance with standards from an array of international countries and their territories.

Address changes is an expected outcome for most individuals at some point or another, some with multiple changes within a short duration of time. Therefore organizations take on such a service to keep in touch with their customers for future sales and support. This would allow a low occurrence of returned mail; which is also gives cost savings in reduced sending of mail. In terms of the databases, this service allows the removal of double entries in databases, to allow the database system to identify connections and connect them based on this. It also, in turn, helps the database to improve in another aspect for reliability.

Carrying out these types of validation exercises at Admiin Bright is the first step in the right path to success. With our experts working on such projects are able to advise and assist clients in making the capture of addresses in the right method, these then require specific first line validation to ensure main portions of the address is present and after this will we create systems to automatically modify the address to meet the postal standards as required for about 200 different countries and territories. The main benefit of a successful validation exercise would allow cost savings in terms of discounts for the address in particular countries and territories.

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At Admiin Bright we invest heavily in the training of our staff and ensure each is equipped with the best in technology to enable them to work to the best of their abilities. Apart from this to manage and administer the project team an experienced project manager is allocated; with the overall task of ensuring our standards and project goals are met.

Here are some of the types of organizations that Admiin Bright has worked with:

  • E-commerce organizations
  • Medical organizations
  • Charitable organizations
  • Commercial organizations
  • Educational organizations

Having absolute customer service availability at Admiin Bright is important to us, therefore we want to serve you better by remaining open at all times; throughout the day every day of the year Contact us or drop us an e-mail at

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